In today’s post, I want to talk about computer secur – no, never mind; you’ve fallen asleep.

Asleep at WorkWake yourself up and read on. I’m not going to bore you with the technical details, I’m going to talk about why online security (stop yawning!) can be major hard work when it comes to selling & marketing the benefits to customers and the importance of having it in place.

So before we begin, feel free to grab a coffee… or some matchsticks

Having published blogs and executed marketing campaigns on a variety of topics, we often find that when it comes to cyber security, we never get that same traction with our audience. There are plenty of variables to why this might be, but on the whole and despite its importance, we can agree that this isn’t necessarily the most interesting topic of conversation.

Every year you will see a handful of news articles showing how some huge corporation has been hacked and held to ransom for simply not having the right solution in place to protect them. And only is it then – when it’s too late – that they decide they should act on it. And funnily enough, it’s at this point that other people, particularly those exterior to the organisation, show some interest – and mainly because somebody has dropped the ball – but still never act on it themselves.

Why Do Companies Still Get Caught Out?

But why is this the case anyway? Why do companies still get caught out with inadequate data protection? Let’s consider some reasons.

They’re Too Busy:

They’re always too busy (no, seriously). And sure, we understand that – we’re all busy… but what if we focus on the fact that a lot of solutions these days can be deployed within minutes, taking up very little valuable time and run seamlessly in the background with minimal disruption. Protecting a business does not have to take up much time at all – and as most solutions now don’t rely on hardware, it’s even quicker and easier to do. Many business owners still believe that IT Security requires huge amounts of hardware and integration time – and that they just don’t have time to do it. Trust us – the cost and time involved in not doing it is much greater!

Lack of Understanding:

We don’t mean this as an insult. IT Security can be a complex and equally mind-numbing topic – especially with such an overwhelming amount of choice, filled with alien language and jargon. It could certainly be made a little simpler to understand for those of us who aren’t already familiar with this field.

Burying Head in the SandIt Won’t Happen To Me:

Perhaps we can put it down to naivety. If you take the “it won’t happen to me” or “I’ll solve it when it happens” approach, you could not be more wrong. You could try to be; but would not be successful. You’re setting yourself up for disaster.

With the above in mind, maybe it’s because people genuinely don’t care – at least not until they are victims. I’d like to think that people don’t drive around at night, doing 70+mph with no lights on, no seatbelts on and their brakes permanently disabled and expect nothing bad to happen. Apart from potential disfigurement/impending death, there’s really not a big difference between this and the topic at hand.

Right – Now It’s Time to Grab that Coffee

So – we’ve talked about why so many people are turned off by IT security. Its a boring minefield of information to wade through when you have so many more interesting things to do. However – to put it simply – you absolutely must have measures in place to protect your business or you could literally lose everything.

Instead of boring you with more facts and statistics (and stories of doom and gloom) – how about we just say that we can protect your websites, apps and business data from hacking and data theft within minutes. Simple. Done. You can go back to what you were doing.

Many solutions these days are that simple to put in place. We can tell you all about the technical details and infrastructure that make them work if you really want to know – but more than likely you just want to know that your business data is safe.

Take a look at some of the Online Security Solutions that we provide, or alternatively, if you’d like a jargon-free conversation with a member of our team, please get in touch.