If you have a budget of £200 for a car, do you expect to get a brand new BMW with all of the latest technologies? If you go to buy the latest HD TV, will £30 be enough? These sound like ridiculous questions, but when it comes to web and software development, for some reason so many people still expect to get so much on a very limited budget.

How much does a new website actually cost?

How much does a website cost?This completely depends on your individual requirements. One price does not fit all businesses and the cost depends on how much development work is required. Do you simply want one page online or do you want 50 pages to showcase your entire business? How about an online shop? Different features require varying levels of development work which obviously have to be factored into the price.

Consider the fact that the average salary for a web developer in the UK is around £25000pa (an app developer is around £30K). That’s roughly £100 per day per developer (excluding any overheads). A standard web project usually involves 2 – 3 web designers and developers and around 5 days of development time.

So – looking at the very basic maths and excluding the costs of any business overheads or software costs, the cost to a development company for a basic website designed from scratch is around £1500 and they obviously need to make a profit.

Why should I pay that much when I’ve seen adverts for websites for so much less?

I’m sure you’ve all seen adverts offering a complete business website for just £300 or £25 per month. Yes those companies do exist, but you always get what you pay for. A website at this price will usually just include a branded template with very limited options to customise anything at all, little or no support and limited bandwidth/storage.

If your website is important to your business (which I’m sure you’ll agree it is!) then it is worth investing in web development to make your website a sales tool that works for your business, rather than just doing anything to get online as cheaply as possible.

How much should North East Web Development Cost?What will I get if I pay extra?

If you opt for a web developer over the cheap DIY sites, then you will get so much more. We have designers and developers in-house who will meet with you to discuss exactly what you want to achieve with your business. That is always where we start because understanding your business is the key to getting it right.

You will also get additional benefits such as:

  • A dedicated UK support team
  • Regular review meetings to make sure you’re happy with progress
  • Training so that you can easily add content yourself and keep your site up to date
  • Google Analytics so you can see exactly where your web traffic is coming from
  • Hosting that suits your business needs and can expand when needed
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) advice and options

We understand that most business owners are not web developers. Your strengths lie within your own business and you just want to get your brand out there to make money.  That’s where professional web designers and developers can help you.

Should I disclose my budget?

Yes! We always ask potential new clients what their budget is. This isn’t so that we can quote you a penny less no matter what you want, this is so that we know how much you can afford, and we can then look at the best options possible within that development time. It also means that we can both talk openly and honestly, and you do not end up with unrealistic expectations. We recently had an enquiry for a travel website where they wanted us to provide the design, branding, web development, online booking platform and all content for just £1200. A straight forward conversation from the very beginning saves a lot of time for everyone.

What if I don’t have enough budget?

If you’re desperate to get a new website but you can’t afford to pay for everything upfront – talk to your developer! There may be options for you to pay a deposit and then spread the payments out.

There are also ways to get funding such as the NBSL fund (which is currently only available for businesses in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham). They are offering a grant of up to 35% for business improvement projects costing between £3K and £8K (including web design projects). Please note the project costs here – they are for realistic business improvement projects not for the cheap DIY options.  You can find out more about this Business Support Fund here.

If you want one page online and you’re not really bothered about the design, customisation and  support, then you can try the cheap DIY options. However, if you want to get advice, stand out from your competitors, have a website professionally designed around what you want to achieve and have ongoing support available (to name a few of the benefits), then work out your budget and speak to a developer.