The recently published Incapsula bot traffic report 2016 has some surprising insights into the good and bad of website traffic hitting your website.

On average, automaton or bot traffic now comprises just over 50% of all web traffic. This means that of all the visitors to your website less than half are likely to be actual humans.

More worryingly, more than half of the non human traffic, the “bots”, are likely to be malicious or “bad bots”, overall almost 30% of your traffic is likely to be in this “bad bot” category and the trend is on the up.

malicious traffic accounts for almost 30%

Imperva Incapsula Bot Report

Incapsula Bot Trend Graph

Imperva Incapsula Report

Imperva Incapsula

With Incapsula you can eliminate all unwanted web traffic to keep your website and the data behind it secure, and to increase overall performance. Incapsula is a subscription-based cloud service that’s easy to deploy, and according to Gartner is the most effective web application firewall in the market.

Download the full Bot Traffic infographic here.

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