The Incapsula Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed system of data centers that uses intelligent caching and cache control options, as well as content and network optimization tools to make your website and web application run faster than ever before.

With 32 data centers and over 3 Tbps capacity, you can leverage a global network of strategically positioned servers that shortens your content’s round trip time (RTT) by bringing it closer to your website visitors.

Incapsula CDN Benefits include

  • Dynamic caching technology based on machine learning
  • Reliable, self-healing mesh network topology
  • Peered, Tier 1 transit system for optimal coverage
  • Extensive cache control options
  • Rapid cache purging and cache rule propagation
  • Integrated security and availability features

Intelligent Caching and Cache Controls

Incapsula content delivery network employs proprietary machine learning technology. With it, Incapsula is able to cache your dynamically generated files, while ensuring content freshness. This technology significantly improves cache utilization and further reduces bandwidth consumption.

The Incapsula automated caching features are complemented by extensive control options to enable granular customization of default caching policies.

Incapsula Cached Bandwidth

Content & Networking Optimization

The Incapsula CDN uses a full range of content and networking optimization techniques to minimize page rendering time and improve user experience. In addition to file minification, automated compression, session reuse and TCP connection pre-pooling, Incapsula also leverages frequency analysis to ensure that the most commonly accessed files are prioritized and fetched directly from RAM.

Working together, these features augment the system’s core CDN functions, boosting its caching and proxy acceleration capabilities, so that your content is delivered blazingly fast all the time.

Free IPv6 Support

The days of IPv4 are drawing to an end; we are now witnessing the distribution of its few remaining addresses. Consequently, dual-stack support for both IPv4 and IPv6 has become increasingly important to the success of your business and your content availability.

Using Incapsula CDN automatically enables IPv6 support for all of your websites and web applications, instantly providing you with the performance, compliancy and business advantages of dual-stack IPv4+IPv6 delivery.

Incapsula Free ipV6 Support

Free HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/2 is the latest evolution of the HTTP protocol, which offers significant improvements to website load speeds and responsiveness. HTTP/2 also enhances security by enforcing best practices for HTTPS communication, thus eliminating exposure to vulnerabilities in older TLS/SSL versions.

With just a click of a button you can enable HTTP/2 for any websites or web applications using the Incapsula content delivery network, boosting performance without having to upgrade your origin infrastructures.

Website Security and High-Availability Solutions

Over time content delivery network evolved into multi-purpose platforms offering more than just improved performance. Incapsula spearheads this evolution by using its CDN as a chassis for delivery of mission-critical security and high availability solutions.

Today, Incapsula CDN is widely acclaimed for its integrated DDoS protection and web application security services, as well as its real-time traffic monitoring, failover and load management features. Together, these help avoid the integrational headaches and high capital and operating costs associated with using multiple services or costly appliances.

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