Cloud Security For AWS Web Applications and Data

Imperva SecureSphere for Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers the benefits of the renowned SecureSphere Web Application Firewall, Database Activity Monitoring and Database Firewall, while natively leveraging important AWS features like VPC, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, and Elastic Load Balancing.

SecureSphere Web Application Firewall analyzes all user access to your business-critical Web applications and protects your applications and their data from attacks. It dynamically learns your applications’ “normal” behavior and correlates this with the industry’s leading threat intelligence for Web applications to deliver superior protection.

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring and Database Firewall provide enterprise-class protection, audit analysis, automated processes and customisable reports running natively on AWS. SecureSphere Data Protection solutions protect databases from attack, reduce risk and streamline compliance by enabling organisations to leverage common infrastructure, processes and reporting, both in AWS and on-premises.

Key Capabilities

  • Protects data and meets compliance requirements
  • Safeguards AWS Applications with the only Enterprise-class Web Application Firewall for AWS
  • Scales WAF Security elastically with your AWS Applications
  • Eliminates downtime with elastic load balancing and HA
  • Uses AWS Cloudformation to quickly deploy AWS Security
  • Monitors Securesphere Gateway health

Imperva SecureSphere for AWS

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