The NetAttest LAP One offers Network Access Control without having to change your network infrastructure.

The stand-alone NetAttest LAP One device detects and blocks unregistered devices that try to connect to a corporate network, without the complexity of Network Access Control (NAC).

Unique features of NetAttest LAP One

  • Effectively blocks unregistered devices from gaining network access
  • Easy registration process for unregistered devices
  • Easy and quick installation and configuration, 15 minutes or less
  • The essential functionality of NAC without the hassle of NAC
  • Starts in Learn Mode, then automatically switches to Prevention Mode at a set date and time
  • Supports up to 512 registered devices in one or two networks

Soliton NetAttest LAP One

How Much Does it Cost?

The NetAttest LAP One is just £899 + VAT (delivery charges apply). Please fill out the form below for more information.

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