Excitor Workshops

We recently ran a series of IT security workshops covering the issues surrounding secure remote access and the constraints of PSN/CESG requirements for Central and Local Government as well as Healthcare.

My aim for these workshops was to tease out the real issues organisations were being faced with while trying to comply with the conflicting needs of the business – i.e. making data more secure while at the same time reducing costs and improving service performance and end user acceptance.

For many attendees, one of the major considerations was the necessity to provide managed endpoints for users. The cost of a fully managed laptop together with the necessary software stack, applications and VPN connectivity tools was prohibiting the wider use of remote working.

Excitor presented the G/On product, guided everyone through the technical aspects of the system and brought everyone up to speed with the latest CESG guidance for using G/On to access data up to OFFICIAL level

Comments from GDS/PSN
Once G/On is running the device is essentially a managed one
The low cost nature of the G/On system showed that a very low cost and simple alternative existed to the traditional IPSec VPN.

Various concerns were raised by delegates at the workshops, but the issue which seems to be causing problems for so many is our dependency on passwords. I’ve written about this issue before (Read: Passwords Forget Them) and the discussion re-iterated many of the issues I raised there.

Ameneh from Gemalto (was SafeNet) illustrated the way in which their SAS cloud based authentication platform could be used to extend multi-factor authentication to all aspects of the network login, thereby reducing our dependency on static and therefore vulnerable passwords? Using a very high degree of automation and self-service support tools, the SAS platform can actually reduce the lifetime costs associated with users and password management.

The Presentations

The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.

Security Workshop

Introducing Gemaltos SAS – Ecommnet Event

Excitor – Workshop presentation-web