As discussed in our previous post, The Evolution of BYOD, Bring Your Own Device is an increasingly popular solution for companies which allows employees to work from their very own personal phone, tablet or laptop in any location.

As with all security solutions, BYOD can bring about a significant number of benefits but it also comes with some challenges – and as data protection is rapidly evolving and GDPR regulations are looming, it’s critical that both of these are fully comprehended prior to its implementation.

The Benefits of BYOD

BYOD can really open a business up to a more relaxed and efficient workplace, that will benefit both the employee and the company. Employees can work from anywhere, on whichever device they choose which can greatly improve morale and efficiency, as well as cutting costs for the business.

The benefits include:

  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Cost Savings – decrease in hardware spend
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Technology familiarity
  • Increased mobility and flexibility

DME 5.0 - BYOD for Medical Services

The Challenges of BYOD

Taking on board BYOD, you will need to consider the following risks and the steps to take to address them appropriately. The main causes for concern focus around privacy and security. It’s vitally important to consider the consequences of employees using their own devices, and how your chosen BYOD solution deals with the following security issues:

  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Security risks in the employees hands
  • Personal privacy risks in the employers hands
  • Unauthorised access – employees leaving the company
  • The separation of private and company data

Is BYOD Right for Your Business?

Obviously BYOD is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as every company varies in size and has different requirements. This is why it’s highly important for those responsible to evaluate and understand the problem at hand and then match it with a suitable solution.

Our next blog will be focusing on the questions to ask when deciding on a BYOD solution for your business, but here’s a few questions to think about for now:

  1. What are the security risks?
  2. How would you enforce a mobile policy?
  3. How would you manage the devices?

In the mean time, please take a look at one option which is a fully containerised BYOD solution to keep corporate data completely separate from personal data.  This, in our opinion, is by far the best option for securely mobilising employees.