Secure Remote Access to RDP, Citrix, Web Applications and more - without a VPN

Secure access to company resources without a VPN

G/On from Soliton provides secure access to RDP, Citrix, web applications and to the user’s internal desktop. It is easy to set up and there is no need for a VPN connection and you do not need to install anything on the user’s PC.


G/On establishes an extremely user-friendly and secure home office environment which is completely separated from personal data – in just 3 simple steps!

G/On: Secure access to company resources without VPN | Home Working

G/On can be installed quickly in almost any IT environment, securely providing users access to their own desktop computers inside the company network. G/On can be delivered completely virtually – within minutes rather than days!

Advantages of Using G/On

  • Very quick implementation – have a solution for remote access installed and up and running (in as little as 2 hours).
  • Very high security yet no need for VPN.
  • No need for management of devices – private PCs and MAC can be used to securely access corporate data without risk of data leakage
  • No risk using BYOD devices because a virus cannot spread through the G/On connection.
  • Access to practically all native applications, O365, file shares and web resources.
  • 2 Factor Authentication possible.
  • No installation of software is required on the client.
  • Ability to follow union rules – e.g. work only allowed Mo-Fr 9-17.
  • Manage policy for download and print.
  • Extremely cost-efficient and low-infrastructure access solution to corporate applications and file stores – work securely, anywhere!

Request the G/On Datasheet

G/On makes it possible for employees to work from home, safely, right away. If you would like to speak to one of our team, or you would like a copy of the datasheet, please complete the form below and let us know which you would prefer.

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