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We provide the technical solutions and expertise to protect your business data and mobilise your employees

Protecting Your Online Assets & Managing Risk

At this present time, mobilising your employees and allowing them to work from home is paramount. However, you must maintain a high level of security at all times to protect your organisation.


With over 25 years experience in IT Security, Strategic Consultancy and Product Development, we specialise in the design and implementation of an integrated set of tools to keep your data as safe as possible. We can ensure that your business data is protected and that your employees can work seamlessly from home, so that your business can continue through these uncertain times.

Working from Home | Secure Remote Access

G/on: Secure Remote Home Working Without a VPN

G/on provides secure access to company resources without a VPN. In one integrated solution, G/On features two-factor authentication, data encryption, network protection, and application access & authorisation. Compared to a “best of breed” approach where multiple products are pieced together, G/On makes it much simpler to implement, manage and control access to company data & applications.

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Safenet Trusted Access | Two Factor Authentication

Safenet Trusted Access: Secure Access Management

SafeNet Trusted Access is an intuitive access management solution that makes it easy for you to manage cloud and web access with single sign-on and scenario-based access policies. SafeNet Trusted Access streamlines cloud identity management, eliminates password hassles for IT departments and users, and it ensures that the right user has access to the right application at the right level of trust.

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