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Product Development from Concept to Launch

Development of a new product requires extensive research and planning. Whether you’re looking to diversify and reach new markets, or you need a software solution to greatly improve the efficiency of your business, you need to be sure of product viability before you invest in production. As Strategic Consultants with over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise to help you through every stage of Product Development from the initial concept right through to the commercialisation and roll-out of your product.

Product Development | Ecommnet Technologies Newcastle

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5 Key Stages of Product Development

The process of developing a new product varies depending on the product itself, but there are 5 main stages to follow.

Idea Generation

This is the very first stage of Product Development where you gather ideas, carry out research and gather as much information as possible.

Concept Development

This second stage is more in-depth than stage one. You need to look at costs, your target market and competition to fully explore product viability.

Product Development

Following all research, product design and development then takes place, often with the development of a prototype intially.


Thorough testing is carried out throughout the production process and upon finalisation of your new product to ensure it is ready for release.


This is the final stage where your new product is launched, commercialised and rolled out to the markets identified earlier in the process.

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